Alice Gauthier is an artist who uses the printmaking process as a drawing tool.
Using primarily lithography, but also etching and woodcuts, she explores the construction of her imagery through the possibilities of print media, in particular the layering of marks and re using of matrices in different colours and compositions.
In recent years, her work has developed from the staging of interacting figures and shadows to a more abstracted look at internal bodies and organic forms.
Combining influence from scientific and encyclopaedic source material with her own observational and poetic drawing, she looks for the blurred boundaries between fact and imagination. In this she finds the freedom to create visible and vital images without the obstruction of reality or accuracy.
In the same way, she embraces the technical disciplines of the print process as an integral part of her drawing. By gaining a technical facility that allows her to work spontaneously, she makes decisions and variations within the realisation of the image, and rarely creates an edition of identical prints.
She is currently setting up her own lithography press in her studio in Paris.



• 2012-2014: MA Royal College of Art, Printmaking, London. 
• 2009-2012 : BA Honors degree, École Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, Highschool, Art Book Department, Strasbourg, France.
• 2007-2009 : Fine Arts Highschool, Drawing department, Paris.
• 2009 : Night school in Anatomy class, Paris.


• 2017 : Teacher! There is too much to learn...,
Galerie Premier Regard, presented by Gilles Fuchs
• 2010 : Journal intime, Exit Art contemporain gallery, Boulogne, France

• 2018 : Back to the drawing wall!, Reid Hall Paris
• 2017 : Au fil de l'eau, Centre Artasia Paris
• 2017 : The world is so small, it's enormous, Reid Hall, Paris
• 2017 : Hors Cadre, Les Grands Voisins Gallery, Paris
• 2016 : Histoires pas naturelles, in the castle of Theizé, France
• 2015 : Ladie's choice, Las Vegas, Nevada
• 2014 : Bloomberg New Contempories
at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London,
at Newlyn Art Gallery, London,
and at the World Museum, in Liverpool
• 2014 : Wild at heart and weird on top, Café Gallery, London
• 2013 : Thought Machines,Heiligenkreuzerh gallery in Vienna
• 2013 : Pushing Print, Margate, England
• 2013 : Multiplied, Christie's, London
• 2013 : Unfold, London print studio, London
• 2013 : Invisible, Café Gallery, London
• 2013 : Work In Progress Show, Royal College of Art, London
• 2012 : Made in paper, Exit Art contemporain gallery, Boulogne, France
• 2012 : Aléas, CEEAC, Strasbourg, France
• 2011 : Livres libres, Haguenau, France
• 2010 : Exhibition CHIC DESSIN, Atelier Richelieu, for the French Drawing Week, Paris
• 2009 : Drawing projection on city walls during the Nuit Blanche , Paris


• 2016 : Invited artist at Seacourt Printworkshop in Bangor, Northen Ireland.


• 2016 : Prix de perfectionnement aux métiers d'art de la ville de Paris.


• 2018 : Invited by the HEAR ( Haute Ecole d'Art du Rhin) in France, to teach a week workshop in lithography.
• 2016 - 2018 : Associated artist to the University of Kent, based in Paris, Reid Hall Paris 6e.
• 2015 - 2016 : Worked for 13 months in part time for Michael Woolworth Publication in Paris (printing art works in collaboration with international artists).
• 2016 : Invited to teach a two days stone lithography workshop in Seacourt Print Studio, Bangor, Northen Ireland.
• 2014-2015 : Professional training in Lithography of one year Tamarind Institute in New Mexico, in Albuquerque.
• 2013 : Internship as a printmaker technicien at the London Print Studio, London.
• 2012 : Internship with RENE TAZÉ in his etching studio, Paris.
• 2011 : Eva Albarran & Co agency : Cultural mediation for the annual national cultural event «Nuit Blanche », Paris
• 2011 : Work with the professional group « La compagnie s’appelle revient », directed by Alice Laloy, Théâtre Jeune Public, Strasbourg, France.
• 2008 : Decorator for the play « The Snow Queen », directed by Amandine Blanquart, Paris.